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More interest from around town…

June 28, 2011

I stopped in at the Farmer’s Market at Hampton Falls Town Common. The food is great, and may even be healthy for you. The maple syrup was fantastic, and they had raw goats milk and cheese for those who prefer their food interesting.

I met up with a few voters from my district who were concerned with the rising cost of public pensions and benefits. The police unions, teacher’s unions, and civil service unions wield tremendous political clout because they support their own candidates for office and always turn out in numbers for “their guy.” This political support invariably translates into generous pay, benefits, contract provisions, and unusually high pensions that are unavailable in the private sector.

The issue comes down to fairness, as I see it. You can’t make more than the boss. Folks working in the private sector are asking why they have to support both a step pay raise and a COLA, along with the Cadilac medical and pension plans, when the taxpayers paying for it all are now accepting fewer hours, being paid less, and frequently losing their medical coverage.


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